Thursday, July 11, 2013

MARUQ Travel Diary: Trip to LA!

Hey Everyone! We're starting a new tag for our travels throughout the year!
We'll do a photo report of all the places our MARUQ staff visit!
 ♪♫ This time Kim and Tiffa went to Los Angeles! ♫♪

The three of us in the car ^^ 
Taylor came on this trip with us too!

Here's a picture of us with Tomo from the visual kei band, Moon Stream!
Check out their facebook page here~
We met him when he visited at us MARUQ in San Francisco before he came down to Los Angeles.

Here's Kim Dao carrying someone's prop. It's bigger than her! haha

A quick and yummy snack from Starbucks <3
We chose it because it was cute, but it was really tasty too!

We visited Little Tokyo in LA!  There are so many cute little shops ^^
We decided to change up our style from what we usually wear at the store haha!

Of course we had to visit Fairytale Boutique! 
They are a second hand lolita shop in Little Tokyo.
Be sure to say Hi to the owner, Miki.  She's super sweet.

We also had Umami Burgers at UMAMIcatessen! There's an Umami Burger in San Francisco, but it was Tiffa's first time trying it.

You should try it out too ^^ They were delicious!

On the busier days we snacked on Matcha cookies ♥

Goodbye Los Angeles! It was fun~★

Did you guys see us in LA? We saw a bunch of people that we knew!!♪♫
Hopefully we will go to more places and meet tons of new people ♥

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